How much does it all cost?

Small loan:

This repayment amount assumes the following:

  • an account open date of today
  • the first payment date 8 days from today
  • an assessment of your financial capacity indicates you can afford a maximum of $
Example repayment

Clearly no hidden fees

At ClearCash we believe in no nasty surprises or sneaky hidden fees.

We tell you all the fees for your Smart Loan upfront in plain English in your contract, so you can review everything before accepting. If a fee is not listed in your contract, you won't have to pay it.

When everything's on track

The standard fees you’ll pay when you have a Smart Loan.

Smart Loan Fees for Credit Limits of $500 to $8000
Annual fee $0
Service fee $0
Credit Limit Increase fee $0
Manual Payment fee $0

If you’re running a little behind

ClearCash is about being flexible. We won’t charge a Direct Debit Reversal Fee if you get in touch with us first in accordance with the terms of your Direct Debit Request.

Direct Debit Reversal Fee $1.90
Arrears Fee $1.00 per day*

*Arrears fee is payable by you if the account is overdue for more than 14 days, capped at $100.00 per rolling 12 month period.

What will my repayment be?

Your repayment is based on your approved credit limit. Once you’re approved you can review your offer and your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment.

You’ll be reminded about your repayment 3 days before it is due too. We will notify you via text and by emailing your statement to you 3 days before it is due to be debited from your nominated account.

If the outstanding balance of your account is less than the minimum repayment amount, your minimum repayment will be the outstanding balance. Simple.

Use the calculator above to see the regular repayment for the Credit Limit you want.

What will my interest rate be?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for new loans effective 08/12/2016 is 47.8%.

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